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Just Dance Studio 

410 Canal P​lace

Little Falls NY 

Classes and Programs ​

Performance Program 

Our performance program is perfect for dancers who do other activities besides dance. Dancers whom take these classes work towards basic to intermediate dance skills and will perform in our Christmas Show and end of season Spring Recital.

Competitive and Pre-Professional Program 

The Competition team and Pre-Professional Program are a disciplined and committed group. If your child is passionate about dance and wants to pursue it with a more disciplined approach, then these programs are for you. Dancers on our Competition Team dance 2-3 days weekly, and compete in 3 regional competitions per season, with the possibility of nationals in the summer.  Dancers in our pre- professional program dance 2 days a week and gain more performance opportunities by performing in ballets, and events in the community! 

To View The Fall 2021/22 season schedule without having to create an account, please click this link!


Classes for all ages 

Check out our newest program

Pre- Professional Ballet 

We are pleased to announce our newest venture at our studio.  Our Pre-Professional Ballet program is going to make your dancer soar to new heights, and gain grace, poise, and overall ability.  We are excited to see this program flourish and grow for seasons to come.  This is an audition/invitation only program, and audition information will be announced soon.  We plan to start performing ballets such as the Nutcracker and other popular works, in the near future!   Dancers interested in this program are required to take the pre-professional classes in our summer program.  These summer classes will prepare them for placement auditions and the season to come.  


Pricing varies depending on how many hours of class your dancer takes each week, and is charged by the month! We accept Cash, Check, or Automatic Debit payments, all due by the 5th of each month during our regular season! (Summer class pricing is a different format, please ask for summer class pricing information) 


      30 minutes weekly                 40.00 Monthly 

     45 minutes weekly                   44.00 Monthly 

         1 hour weekly                      56.00 Monthly 

       1 hour 15 minutes weekly        60.00 Monthly 

     1 1/2 hours weekly                    64.00 Monthly 

     1 hour, 45 minutes weekly         68.00 Monthly 

      2 hours weekly                        72.00 Monthly 

      2 hours, 15 minutes weekly       76.00 Monthly 

     2 1/2 hours weekly                    80.00 Monthly 

      2 hours, 45 minutes weekly      84.00 Monthly 

     3 hours weekly                         88.00 Monthly 

    3 hours, fifteen minutes weekly   92.00 Monthly 

    3 1/2 hours weekly                    96.00 Monthly 

      3 hours, 45 minutes                100.00 Monthly 

       4 hours weekly                      104.00 Monthly 

     4 1/2 hours weekly                   112.00 Monthly 

      5 hours weekly                       120.00 Monthly 

     5 1/2 hours weekly                  128.00 Monthly 

    6 hours weekly                       136.00 Monthly 

6 1/2 hours weekly                       144.00 Monthly 

      7 hours weekly                       152.00  Monthly 

7 1/2 hours weekly                       160.00 Monthly 

8 hours weekly                           168.00 Monthly 

8 1/2 hours weekly                      176.00 Monthly 

9 hours weekly                            184.00  Monthly 

9 1/2 hours weekly                      192.00 Monthly 

10 hours weekly= Unlimited        200.00 Monthly 

Private Lessons: 

 30 minutes- $60 Monthly 

45 Minutes- $68 Monthly